Kaz Adori
(Saints Row IV)


Gender: Male (he/him)

Role: Co-Leader of the Third Street Saints

Weapon of Choice: Dual SMGs


- Taking what's rightfully his
- Leading the Saints
- Causing problems


- The Zin
- (okay, basically all the rival gangs)
- Having to get his ass saved


  • Leadership
  • Being a dumbass


  • Antonio Pine (husband)
  • Neil Adori (brother)
  • Wylliam Fuchs (son, adopted)
  • Johnny Gat, Shaundi [???] (Close friends)
  • Pierce Washington (Pierce)

Growing up in Stilwater is never an easy experience, but the experience was even worse for Kaz. His parents, long driven apart by their own vices, separated when he was young - his father raising him for the majority of his formative years.

At 19, now alone and homeless, he found himself walking the streets at night, passing by the usual grit and grime of the town - before running into a man sat against the wall, mindlessly puffing away on a cigarette.

The man, a tired-looking 20-something, didn't even really notice as Kaz sat next to him, asking for a cigarette. The two smoked for a while, introducing themselves to one another, before hearing voices around the corner. Kaz, getting to his feet to investigate, found himself face-to-face with a member of the Vice Kings - wielding a baseball bat.

Seeing more gangsters coming up, he put out his cigarette in the adversary's eye, taking the bat from him and beating him - and the others that came - upside the head.

© 2019 Nick Wright.

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