(admin form)


Gender: Male (he/him)

Role: Admin (Your Link Is)


- Making friends
- Being in control


- People leaving
- The thought of losing his powers
- Being outsmarted


  • Standard Admin abilities
  • Mind Control (Unique Admin ability)


  • Antonio Pine (boyfriend(?))
  • Romeo Crimson, Fred Tourmaline, Xara Wine (former friends)
  • Jess Alabaster (Unknown)

Spawning in the Underneath, Oliender's life was a pretty simple one. As he aged and matured, he found himself in the company of Fred, Romeo, and Xara - the three people that would become the world's next Admins. He knew them prior to their ascension, as well as one other person: Antonio Pine - his boyfriend, before everything went wrong.

After they had ascended to Admin status, some time had passed - Enough time for Fred, Romeo, and Xara to make a vessel of their power for Oli and Antonio to use. They placed parts of themselves - their essences - into an enchanted stick. Thankful for their gift, the two of them played with it briefly before growing concerned as to how the power would affect them.

The three "true" admins began squabbling, arguing fruitlessly and bringing stress to the couple. Antonio, seeking Fred's wisdom, was set on his path to leaving - departing Sourcemist for other, different worlds. Fred, seeing the future before them, warned Antonio to leave without telling Oliender - fearing that Oli would prevent Antonio from leaving...

But, it led to something far worse than Fred had predicted. With Antonio gone, and nobody telling Oliender the truth of the matter, he slowly internalized his own version of events: that Antonio had grown tired of Oliender, and had run away. Slowly giving way to anger and hatred, he used the Debug Stick to give himself his Admin form back, before using his Admin abilities to force Fred, Romeo, and Xara to bestow their Admin powers onto him - removing them from the equation before he imprisoned them.

They followed his every command, and so did everyone else he befriended, unaware of the truth of the matter - just as unaware as Oli was of the truth.

© 2019 Nick Wright.

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