Faves / Comforts

AKA "The Boyfriend Pile", these are all characters that mean a lot to me, either through kins or just bc i love them

Arcade Gannon
(Fallout: New Vegas)

The main boy. You sell him to the Legion i'll personally steal your toes.

(Splatoon 2)

My perfect, precious octoling wife.

Waluigi (Mario series)

I'm a certified Waluigi Fucker(tm). Please don't sue.

Miles Edgeworth
(Ace Attorney)

One of the original boyfriends; I don't post about him much but will ALWAYS support narumitsu rights.

The King of All Cosmos
(Katamari Damacy)

He's like twice the size of the earth... Challenge accepted..

(Team Fortress 2)

I mean, wouldn't you?

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